Linda W. Perkins

She Got Mac$10,000 to Go

Arlington Citizen-Journal - February 21, 1988

When June Massingill stopped by the McDonald's on South Cooper Street in early January, she walked out with two quarter-pounders with cheese and a small game card.

When she returned Wednesday, she left with substantially more - a $10,000 check.

Massengill is one of seven area and two Arlington winners in the "McDonald's $150,000 Money Mania" game, hosted by McDonald's restaurants of Greater North Texas and WFAA Channel 8.

In the contest, customers could pick up a game card containing a hidden number, revealed only by rubbing the card with a coin. Each night the winning number was announced on Channel 8's Entertainment Tonight. Winning numbers also were posted at McDonald's.

Massengill, a legal technician for the Federal Highway Administration, said she wasn't sure she was a winner until she sent in her card.

"They called me and told me I was a winner ... and I still don't believe it."

Massengill opened the envelope at the restaurant. As she unfolded the check, she read slowly, "June Massengill ... Ten thousand dollars ... Oh, my gosh ... I can't believe it ... I'm going to get a copy of this."

Equally surprised was David Liner, who picked up his game card at the McDonald's at North Collins Street and Brown Boulevard. He thought he missed the deadline for sending the game card in and was shocked when he was called from Chicago with notification.