Linda W. Perkins

i-ON Proactive Monitoring Solution Data Sheet

CD Group - February 01, 2015

Implementing JD Edwards is only the first step to optimal organizational and system performance. The way to truly capture a positive ROI is to continually and proactively monitor and maintain your system. However, doing so manually is a time-consuming process that can take time away from critical IT tasks and lack in important details and trend information.

i-ON is a comprehensive monitoring and managed services solution by CD Group that can help transform your company’s JD Edwards system from a technology tool to a more powerful business solution. It is the first monitoring solution to not just report on your system’s health, but also to capture and report on what “ideal” really looks like and how you compare, empowering you with the knowledge you need to take the right actions to gain more value from your EnterpriseOne implementation.

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