Linda W. Perkins

Glancing Back While Pressing Forward

Self published - Facebook blog/devotional | May 16th, 2014

Popular songs like to remind us that "yesterday's gone" and so "don't look back." Yes, trying to move forward while focused on the rearview mirror of the past is counterproductive, but occasionally glancing back can be extremely helpful. For me, it's a matter of getting perspective. How has my life changed? Am I moving in the right direction? What have I done wrong or right to get me here? Are there patterns I need to look at? Where has God stepped in and helped me, when I couldn't help myself?

In just a few weeks, I will have a "milestone" birthday. I've (gratefully) lived longer than I care to admit! And in that time, I've weathered some pretty significant challenges, some of my own making and some not. Looking back, however, I see the hand of God shaping my character and building purpose in my life. I see how He has created beauty from ashes and blessed me beyond what I could have imagined, especially in the area of family and friendships. Oh, how grateful I am to be where I am today! Life is not perfect, but whose is? I can take what comes with more wisdom and discernment because of all the lessons learned the hard way. And I can enjoy today and look forward to tomorrow without fear, because I'm holding the hand of my Creator who has taken me this far.

How about you, friend? Can you glance back and see how far you've come? How does today and tomorrow look from that perspective?

Wishing you peace, love and joy.