Linda W. Perkins

Dominion E&P Recruiting Brochure

Barrett Wehlmann Ad Agency (*BMA Lantern Award for Best Brochure) - June 01, 2005

Today, you stand at a crossroads. With a strong education behind you, you are ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime ... your career. There are multiple roads before you, each leading in a unique direction. But with so many options, which path do you choose?

In your quest to find the right starting point for your career, we invite you to explore Dominion E&P. Here, you will find a world where opportunities about in a variety of environments. From mountain peaks in the west to the rough seas offshore, Dominion E&P can be found leading the way in exploration and production across the United States and Canada.

As you travel through the pages ahead, you will experience a small foretaste of the people, places and processes that comprise Dominion E&P. Ultimately, you will see a clear picture of a cynamic firm whose corporate culture is not defined by a narrow set of ideas, but rather by the diversity within the company itself.

A place to grow, to contribute, to achieve all that is possible when driven by passion ... that is Dominion E&P.

Bon Voyage!

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