Linda W. Perkins

Avoiding Information Overload: A Logical Approach to Managing Endpoint Security and Compliance

FutureSoft, Inc. - September 25, 2008

How Many Balls Can One Juggle? The Challenge for Midmarket IT Departments

Small to midsize enterprises face a unique challenge in that they often confront the same security and compliance issues as larger organizations, but have significantly fewer resources with which to deal with them. Where large corporations have dedicated IT security staff, midmarket companies are frequently reliant upon one or two information technology staff members who carry a wide range of job responsibilities.

The resource constraints of smaller organizations create a constant struggle of priorities between assuring system uptime and availability, and creating and managing the assessments, system policies, controls, and audits necessary to ensure regulatory compliance. Unfortunately, the security and compliance piece can sometimes take a back seat to other admin functions, leaving companies open to hefty penalties and fines if audited.

In order to adequately mitigate security risks and address regulatory compliance issues, small to midsize enterprises must find a way to manage system data in such a way that will enable small or outsourced IT departments to tackle security and compliance issues with fewer resources so that no one area must be sacrificed for the other.

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