Linda W. Perkins

4th Quarter Spending: Is Your Website Ready for a Refresh?

Percento Technologies - October 15, 2015

With temps still in the 90’s, it doesn’t feel like fall in Texas, despite what the calendar says. Nevertheless, nothing makes the 4th quarter more apparent than walking into a mall and seeing both Halloween and Christmas decorations already making an appearance!

Retailers are full-swing into holiday mode, which means they better have their best foot forward by now with regards to merchandising, both in stores and online.

Fortunately, as retailers gear up towards end-of-year sales promotions, the year is typically winding down for business-to-business operations, giving companies an opportunity to pause and plan for the upcoming one. A key area worth looking at is your company’s website.

A 2002 study by Stanford University showed that a key aspect of a website’s success in gaining credibility with potential customers is design look, followed closely by information design and structure. What your website looks like is important, and equally important is how easy it is for people to find what they’re looking for.

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Trendy Technology Article - 4th Quarter Spending: Is Your Website Ready for a Refresh?